limitless complete detail on any job from bicycles to jets wheels to wings

The mother of all detail shops in Santa Fe NM! deep clean all! mobile homes, buses, boats, houses, offices and businesses.

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    We’ve been in the game for more than 30 years using a recipe created in the 80's that was later re-developed with new and improved technologies. We can assure your satisfaction before you leave our lot by thoroughly checking and revising our work on the spot, by your side.

    Hand washed and waxed exterior

    This is not just a car wash. Each process is done by hand in order to avoid compromising your vehicles health. We carefully plan and execute every step. The exterior detail includes: a hand wash, bug removal, steam cleaned engine, power washed undercarriage, and deep rim/spokes and tire cleanse. Before completion we finish off with a hand wax, outside window cleaning, vinyl and rubber conditioner tire dressing.

    Shampoo scrubbed interior

    Every nook, crevasse, panel and texture is examined and gently scrubbed never scuffed. The interior detail includes: Detailed panels, dashboard, cup holders, vents, headliner, empty glove box and center console. Power washed door jambs and mats. Shampooed and vacuumed carpets and seats. Air dusted vents, seams and hard to reach areas. Everything is then topped off with our leather treatment or vinyl conditioner, and an inside window wash.

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